R.I.S.E is a social entrepreneurship which find mobile, user friendly solutions for medical simulation education to all hospitals with a reasonable price, as well as producing ecosystem between educators and students even from different institutions.

There are currently 123 medical schools in Turkey, and only 7 of them possess a simulation center. It has been scientifically proven that simulated based training reduces doctor errors, increases communication, leadership skills, and crisis-resource management, as well as allows better learning and skill development. As “R.I.S.E Technology,” we are social entrepreneurship that strives to make advanced training methods other than classical lesson methods such as simulation accessible to all our educational institutions, and thus the society is cared for by well-equipped health workers.

R.I.S.E. Technology was established by a team of 6 people consisting of experts and talented people in medicine, simulation, and electrical-electronic engineering. Realizing the difficulty of accessing simulation-based methods that provide high medical training competence by aiming to solve this difficulty, it started to work in 2020. Expensive, complex, and cumbersome mechanic-based systems are used in simulation-based training. R.I.S.E. Technology aims to eliminate the disadvantages of mechanical systems by developing a highly economical, compact, and adaptive software-based alternative.

In this way, by facilitating access to simulation-based medical training, it stands out as social entrepreneurship that advocates the principle of equal opportunity in medical education and makes an outstanding contribution. Simultaneously, R.I.S.E. Technology team, which aims to make the measurement, evaluation, and accreditation standard of institutions providing education in these fields, offers excellent convenience to institutions in this regard. Besides, thanks to the opportunities and facilities they offer to students and educators, they also enable them to develop themselves as individuals who receive and provide the best education in their field. In summary, The R.I.S.E. technology team is rapidly advancing to become an initiative that will show itself in all kinds of education in the medical field.